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Web Designing – A Logical Concept

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Web designing is a concept where the creativity of the final product belies the intense process of creation. Users never realize the website they are visiting on had a master mind worked behind it. They just love the final products and give compliments which act as an inspiration for a designer to live in designs passionately.

We can’t say that only content plays an important role in running a website. Presentation matters a lot as we don’t like to shop products from the stores where things are not presented nicely. Content invite users to visit a website and design make them stay by engaging their interest in content and products. So it’s very important for a web designer to create welcoming websites which are easily operable and impressive.
Web Designing

Certain things that every designer should consider while designing an outstanding website are listed below:

  • Concept
  • Designing Elements
  • Layout Techniques
  • Typography
  • Color Schemes

Concept: The purpose of the website is to enhance and aggrandize the business of an organization or a company up to its optimum level. I have seen many companies using websites as an online brochure however these companies can’t imagine what their websites can do! A huge number of companies don’t have their physical offices and making handsome money out of their effective online presence.

The designer should not only work closely with the client to fulfill all the requirements of clients however give more ideas with his creativity and imagination to get best results. Sometimes clients don’t know what exactly they want. They just ask for a nice website to accelerate their businesses. This is very crucial time for a designer to understand client’s business requirements completely by putting open ended questions and then create a concept of a website in his mind. It takes more time to create designs where in clients don’t know exactly what they want however these clients give all the privileges to designers to create designs with their own ingeniousness.

Designing Elements: There are many websites loosing visitors because of a lot of content on a page. The reason is lack of design elements in a website. Elements like borders, lines, icons, gradients, images, brushes, shadows, pointers and bullets etc. play a vital role in engaging interest of users into your website and hence enhancing business. I would recommend summing up these elements first in a folder and then start designing to create something according to current web standards. You can also visit CSS Galleries to take an inspiration for creating designs according to emerging web trends.

Layout Techniques: When it comes to understand the world of standards based websites, you have to think medieval. Layout techniques help in increasing usability of websites. One page website concept is also in trend these days. Rest depends upon the requirements of a client about all the things he wants to list on the homepage and inner pages. I would recommend you to design a layout with maximum 960 to 980 pixels in width to get it rendered best in all current screen resolutions. One of the most important things you should keep in mind while creating a design is navigation menus as users love easily navigated websites.

Typography: It focuses on the proper and effective use of text in web designing to enhance readability. Badly represented text leaves negative impact on the design and hence visitors. There are very few fonts available for web development supported by different browsers in different Operating Systems. We can use different flash and jQuery scripts to make unsupported fonts work in all major browsers and Operating Systems. These scripts put an adverse effect on Search Engine Optimization so I would not recommend using these scripts.

Playing with different Cross Browser and Operating System compatible fonts to represent the content perfectly should be the key area of any designer. Line height and letter spacing have a crucial role in typography. Make sure line height should be more than 1.4em to meet current web standards.

Color Schemes: Color scheme is a choice of colors while designing a website. Our final product mainly depends upon color tone of a website. Some clients like minimalistic designs however some like colorful. So, that’s one of most important point a designer should raise in front of his client. Most of the clients like using colors in their websites from color tone of their company offices.

Color scheme leaves a vital impact on corporate branding as well. I would say colors can talk and make a statement hence help you in being a brand.

There are many resources over the web to take an inspiration about all points listed above. I will be listing all these in my upcoming articles.

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Really Nice Information, very well explained.

I hope it would help a lot of guys out there who are trying their hands on web designing.

Keep up the good work!!!

Hi Rohit
Web designing is indeed logical… but it takes so long.
Big problem that interferes with that logic is Internet Explorer.

I was lucky enough to start designing just as Div’s were starting to take over from tables so that was good.

Trying to get floated divs to behave was a nightmare! That was bad.

I admire anyone who sticks with website design, but me… I look for good quality WordPress themes, much easier.

Hi Keith,
I agree web designing from scratch takes time however if we want something unique, we need to go through with this process. We do have IE fixes available as well.
I would recommend to make a reset style sheet first to make all these things work perfectly :)

great post as usual!

Really Nice Information, very well explained.

I hope it would help a lot of guys out there who are trying their hands on web designing.

Keep up the good work!!!

You always provide valuable information. keep doing great work !

Thanks Rahul for keeping me motivated about providing such an information :)

great post!

Lots of good information in this post – thanks!

Agree “we don’t like to shop products from the stores where things are not presented nicely”

if you want to sell something online, web design is one of the most important things.

Great article, some in-depth iand relevant information given, thanks. I agree that colour scheme for websites are an important thing to consider, it can leave a lasting impression to a visitor of a site.

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