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Top 25 URL Shortener Tools / Websites

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Today is the world of viral marketing where we share our best practices with people by using many social networking / bookmarking websites to enhance brand awareness. We can see social networking icons on almost every website that encourage referrers to spread information worldwide. Many of these websites allow limited characters for submissions so shortened URLs are necessary to explain the concept completely.

There are many URL Shortener tools available over the web that can help us in shortening URLs. I am going to list best out of these.

1. Tiny.cc

Source: http://tiny.cc/

2. Is.gd

Source: http://is.gd/

3. Ow.ly

Source: http://ow.ly/url/shorten-url

4. Rubyurl

Source: http://rubyurl.com/home

5. Bit.ly

Source: http://bit.ly/

6. Moourl

Source: http://moourl.com/

7. Cli.gs

Source: http://cli.gs/cligs/new

8. Ka.lm

Source: http://kl.am/

9. U.nu

Source: http://u.nu/

10. Yep.it

Source: http://yep.it/

11. Tinyurl

Source: http://tinyurl.com/

12. Shrten

Source: http://shrten.com/

13. Miniurl

Source: http://miniurl.com/index.php

14. Snipurl

Source: http://snipurl.com/site/index

15. Short.ie

Source: http://short.ie/

16. Idek

Source: http://idek.net/

17. W3t

Source: http://w3t.org/

18. Shiturl

Source: http://shiturl.com/

19. Dwarfurl

Source: http://www.dwarfurl.com/

20. Doiop

Source: http://doiop.com/

21. Smallurl

Source: http://www.smallurl.in/

22. Notlong

Source: http://notlong.com/

23. Fyad

Source: http://fyad.org/

24. Safe.mn

Source: http://safe.mn/

25. Hex.io

Source: http://www.hex.io/

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Hi! I am a freelance web designer / developer based in Chandigarh (The City beautiful) India. I am passionate about playing Guitar and exploring new things over the web. Please feel free to contact me & say Hello. We can be good friends :)

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nice post…loved it

grt post.awesome

Very good article. And some fresh stuff. I haven’t heard of most of these url shorteners.

Thanks Screenquip! Its just a part in the series of “sharing best practices”.

Nice & Great article . I wish I had something more insightful to see but you have pretty much covered it all here. ThanX

nice post…loved it

Most of the time i use bit.ly for short urls,
thanks , for nice post

Excellent collection of URL shorteners, have you seen fur.ly? this service allows to gather in one short URL several links.

http://blackhatshortener.com url shortener with 4k domains – thats huge number of unique links you can generate

http://1click.at is an URL shortener, too ;)

wow cool, beside as url shortener tool the name of domain is unique too… i use this to short url http://line4.us/E3CG

Why not try the http://we8.us URL eater website? It is mighty yumm!

Clearly this list is mssing the best one, http://www.lnk.co, formerly known as Linkbee and one of the largest on the web according to Alexa.com

Thanks for expanding the list :)

you left out BudUrl.com
That’s the one I’ve been using forever.

It has an area on their site that integrates with Twitter and lets you setup tweets for a later time period.
They also show stats for every shortened URL that you use.
AND, if you want to get really fancy, you can get BudURL Pro and get a custom domain as your URL shortener. It’s pretty awesome.

You should try http://s-m.co it is SO NICE !

Also found http://sno.ms which is pretty good.

Greaaaat list. Thank you very much.

The list is missing http://smrls.net – this is my pet project that allows anyone to create their own URL shortener within seconds. Check it out and let me know what you think about it!

And don’t forget the amazing http://www.goo.gl, great easy shortner with statistics and a free QQ on the go. Easy does it!

Really surprised you left out http://www.su.pr/. Combine that with stumbling and Stumble upon sends loads of traffic to your website.

Check out this new one — http://www.qrplz.com. You can make QR codes and track stats as well as use it as a URL shortener! It’s still in Beta but it’s pretty awesome!

Check out our Linkshortener http://lnq.me

is has real-time statistics, QR codes, exports etc. also its free!

check it out!

Check also min at http://min.ms It has a clean interface, easy stats, share, etc! :)

Great… many thanks!
I, sometime, use http://www.virou.gr
For every character shortened they donate 1 gram (0.03 ounce) of food to the brazilian red cross

Hello! This really is my first comment in this article and so i simply wanted to provide a simple shout out and let you know I absolutely enjoy reading through your blog articles. Are you able to suggest any other blogs

i use http://ki.tl has cool stats you can follow, easy to use, simple interface and you can tweet straight from the website!! check it out.. http:/ki.tl

I often use http://short.nr/ for my url shortening.

this is cool and simple url shortener http://zoia.me

yi.tl just launched: http://yi.tl

yi.tl is the first URL shortener to offer support for category tags. This unique service allows users to group related URLs and easily retrieve old links. To save time, the site will even make tag suggestions based on the URL being shortened.

Linky Gaga (http://l.gg) has all the above, including malicious link detection and prevention. Plus it features Digg-style voting for all users and visitors on the front page. It’s fun!

Best one for me is http://qoon.com
Pays for proxy traffic and very easy to use

Its so awesome!
Supports qr codes!

Hello, if you want update list, this http://in.tecn.it is a good url shortener service, with user control panel, free and very fast.

if you ask me, http://urlglo.be is the best URL shortener on the web, it’s weird it’s not included in this list. it allows you to shorten and customize URLs in seconds, without having to sign up! and also, the shortened URLs are extremely short! CHECK IT OUT!

There is also http://wheek.it, a guinea pig link shortener that raises money for guinea pig rescues, it works similar to good.ly and a guinea pig “wheeks” when you shorten links. cute!


admin plz update ur list

here is new URL shortner : http://itiny.in
A URL shortener that’s fast and easy to use. Our features include custom shortened URLs with real-time link tracking
also has features like facebook share, tweeter share and google + share also has QR code for url

Or You can just try http://hellyes.at
Not so short but Hell Yes!

http://ll.gy is the best url shortner service because it allows us to have a tiny name too

Thanx for the GREAT list!! :)

…you might consider adding http://cash.ac which is a quite new url shortener with statistics. Perfect for posting affiliate links and such, I´ve had great success with it.

Keep up the good work!


I realy like http://exc.lu

Rohit Aneja

You put great information about Top URL shortener websites. Your list is very good having all best url shortener websites.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Interesting list of url shorteners… How about to shorten your links automatically? This tool can help and save a lot of time : http://besturlshortener.net and contain more than 400 websites which short the url.

catchyurl.co is a pretty interesting one I found, that provides you with an easy to remember url, check it out.

hay there.
thank for this great information.

There’s a pretty nice URL that i always use. http://bag.gy

shortest here http://n.et

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