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10 Best Site Analytics Plugins for WordPress Based Websites

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Online business is getting more popular in many companies / organizations these days. So, these companies strive to get more traffic by blogging on their websites that help them in increasing sales or their product awareness. As online business is not limited to one region or country, it’s very important to track traffic for targeting specific market. Also getting targeted keywords help these companies in increasing hits as well as sales to some extent. There are many resources over the web to track traffic and getting targeted keywords however don’t you think it’s very convenient if we have these things in our WordPress dashboard!

I am going to list 10 Best Site Analytics Plug-ins for WordPress based Websites / Blogs that can help you in analyzing traffic and keywords for your website.

1. All in One Webmaster: This plug-in is very useful in integrating Google Webmaster Tool, Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Central in your website / blog. It also allows you to submit site-map in these tools by just a single click. In addition to that it has option to add tracking code for Clicky, 103Bees analytics etc.

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2. WordPress.com Stats: This plug-in is very simple and concise that enacts no load on the server. It collects information about page views, popular articles/pages and traffic flow. It adds a link to dashboard that allows seeing the stats on a single page.

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3. Keyword Statistics Plug-in: This plug-in is very useful in extracting keywords from the text and use them as meta-tag-keywords that automatically generates information for bots of search engines. It creates a display block where we edit pages in WordPress.

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4. Google Analytics for WordPress: This plug-in easily adds Google Analytics Tracking Code to all pages in our WordPress based Websites/Blogs. This plug-in also adds an option to tag all outgoing links, so it’s easy see whether a click came from a comment or an article. It also helps in tracking Downloads, AdSense Clicks, Image Search keywords, Searches for Yahoo!’s Search Assistant etc.

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5. GoingUp! Web Analytics: This Plug-in integrates popular analytics in an interface that is very easy to use. It also gives you an information about how is your website is performing by including SiteSpy, Traffic Summery, Popular Pages, Entry and Exit pages, Keyword Analysis and Search engine referrals.

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6. Google Analyticator: This plug-in automatically adds java script code to enable Google Analytics logging on you WordPress based websites. This plug-in also gives you an option to include many widgets on your WordPress dashboard and website/blog front end.

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7. Analytics 360: This plug-in allows us to fetch MailChimp data and Google Analytics Data directly to our WordPress dashboard where we can access these two robust analytics tools. These plug-in lists Site Traffic, List Growth and Top Referrers.

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8. nStatistics: This plug-in lists Unique Visitors, Page Views, Browsers Used, Referrers and Keywords. It also displays graphs by a day, hours of a day and date range with an inbuilt zoom function.

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9. Piwik Analytics: This is a basic WordPress Plug-in to integrate the Piwik web Analytics tool in our WordPress based Website/Blog. This plug-in supports Piwik Hostname, Piwik Path, Site ID, Options to control download tracking, Option to exclude admin user.

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10. Easy Google Analytics for WordPress: This plug-in helps in embedding Google Analytics code in our WordPress based website/blog. This includes almost all of Google Analytics features in WordPress dashboard.

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Sweet, thanks for this collaboration.

Yes… i also really like to visit new place, your idea is good to compare.

That’s an amazing post. Thanks a lot

Very Good site, thank yo mister, it help’s me!

And Statpress ? I use this one.

All in one webmaster is the best plugin I’ve ever used. A big thumbs up for this. Thank you for the list in fact.

This article is very helpful. Thanks!

I like Piwik the most. I downloaded the wordpress stats and the information did not seem right to me. The designers of Piwik should get a medal for their reporting.

Thanks for gathering this great list.I wanna try and check some of them.

very useful info,thanks!

Google Analytics is surely at the top of my list.

Nice plugin collection. I’ll try all of theme

I use wordpress stats very useful:)

Nice collection of plugins but most of them don’t offer helpful statistics inside wordpress administration area. You still need to use Google Analytics to get some idea of the traffic stats.

I think this one should be on the list also Pro Google Analytics Tools for WordPress. It has a very nice set of reports that helps you see almost everything inside your wordpress administration area.

A common theme I find with all these tools is they have a relatively long loading time and slow my site down. Which WordPress analytics plugin loads fastest? I use clicky, wp stats and Google analytics by Yoast.
I find wp stats isn’t details enough but clicky and google are both pretty slow, often taking 0.5s or more to load.

Excellent information! These plugins are top quality. GetClicky is an excellent analytic tracking tool, and I recommend anyone try it out.

Great collection of Analytics plugins .

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