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20 Creative And Entertaining “404 error pages”

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“404 Error Pages”- you might have seen them often while surfing a website. The main reason behind this error is  change in URL structure due to which server do not respond properly to your request. Web servers gives you default “404 error page” which is very boring and frustrating and which may also result in the visitor never visiting your website again however, if you have a creative and a cool looking “404 Error Page”, it can save your life. So here I have summed up 20 Creative and Entertaining “404 Error Pages” to take inspiration from, for creating your own “404 Error Page”. Creative “404 Error Page” can even add more beauty to your beautiful web layout :)

1. Berganblue


2. Bluedaniel


3. BrightKite


4. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

5. Catalyststudios


6. Centerd


7. Chrisjennings


8. Clubpenguin


9. CssTricks


10. Eternalmoon


11. Habrahabr


12. Hornets247


13. Inspiredology


14. istockphoto


15. Justcreativedesign


16. kidmondo


17. Mailchimp


18. Mixx


19. Mozilla


20. Robo



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some really nice error 404 pages, thanks for sharing.

And more beautiful 404 here:
Every day a new amazing 404!

Most of them are really cool. I love the Clubpenguin one the most. :)

these pages have given me some ideas for a 404 page for my blog.

Well mine is not that graphical, but i like my 404 pages too :)
I display a random title everytime a user gets there.
Here is the link to my 404 page

Thanks for sharing! Some really good and inspirational 404 pages there!

Really good Graphics, I enjoyed watching it :)

Really nice collection thanks alot!!

How about http://www.designdeck.co.uk/404 and http://www.scriptdeck.co.uk/404

Two really nice error pages!

WOW! very nice collection :) I like Formspring’s too: http://formspring.me/404notfound

Lovely list.

Has this made you want to do your own 404?

Nice list, thanks Rohit. Bluedaniel’s my favorite.

Yes @GraphicDesignBoss, this has definitely made me want to go all aot on my 404 pages : )

I like this one: http://catn.com/404

Nothing like a bit of retro Night Rider!

WOW! these are awesome 404 errors. I really liked Bluedaniel and Cartoon network’s error. I think I should try it too.

Thanks for sharing such a nice info.

Really nice! But you have to check the following 404 page too!
Combining it with the homepage screen I think it makes it really clever and fun!

Hi Vas,

Yeah its cool!!

Thanks for adding it in the list :)

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