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10 Best HTML 5 and CSS 3 websites For An Inspiration

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“Technology presumes there’s just one right way to do things and there never is.”

When it comes to technology, it’s growing day by day. As we know when xHTML was going to be rewarded as most efficient way for converting designs into websites, we are introduced with a really great technology called <html> 5. This technology has given best solution to web designers who love to create readable codes and semantic layouts.

Keeping that in mind, I thought of listing 10 Best HTML 5 and CSS 3 Websites for an inspiration. I hope you will like these websites too :)

1. Yonadoconmarcos


2. Lesintegristes


3. Forabeautifulweb


4. Eyestylesllc


5. Slconstantia


6. 01tec


7. Scientificname


8. Fortherecord


9. Mikemai


10. Queb



Hi! I am a freelance web designer / developer based in Chandigarh (The City beautiful) India. I am passionate about playing Guitar and exploring new things over the web. Please feel free to contact me & say Hello. We can be good friends :)

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hey the designs are nice however I dont think these all are compatible with IE6.

@Anna really? is that a big deal? :P

@cssrex thank you for the feature!


Best viewed in Safari or Chrome latest versions.

EVE-RO Corporation website is an EVE Online related fan-site, an experiment of mine, build using HTML5 & CSS3 only. The main focus of the website is the new web technologies and the cool stuff you can do using plain HTML5 and CSS3. No JavaScript is required (or needed) for the animations/effects. As a matter of fact there is no JavaScript on the website except Google Analytics tracking code.

I also tested a little with CSS3 and HTML5.
Nice selection. My favorit is Eyestylesllc and 01tec

Thanks Guys! @Anna: I am very happy to see our community, developing scripts to make this technology much better and a lot has been developed too.
@Mike: Its my pleasure :)
@Emanuel: Great! no doubts, we have this great technology coming up in existence..

Nice selection ! “Queb” is cool :-)

My site is waiting for a face lift, just haven’t had the time yet. The new branding and responsive design have been implemented on my blogs for now.

Pretty cool websites. I’m beginning to implement CSS3 into some of my site designs and I’m loving the results in Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Haven’t tested for IE6 though. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out.

Best practical implementation of HTML5 I’ve seen, some nice css too.

I think it’s a great collection – and gets me motivated to update my own site.

Wow, awesome dude, love the list especially the scientificname.net. No issues in any browsers I’ve tested (excluding IE)

@anna I only view websites in IE6, so HTML5 means nothing to me.

Amazing Ones :)

My personal favorite is Lesintegristes.

Nice list inspiration, thanks!

came back to your website after such a long time and I am really very much impressed..

Nice article, you can find more from html5arena.com

hey man. i’m still getting consistent traffic from this post. would you mind updating that screenshot? i had a rebrand recently. thanks, much appreciated.

my favorite is “siconstantia”, good design !!

came back to your website after such a long time and I am really very much impressed..


Thank you for all references, I’m learning CSS and webdesign. Again, they are very cool!

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