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Top 10 Free Soccer WordPress Themes for FIFA WorldCup Fans

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup is the 19th FIFA World Cup and its addiction is increasing year after year. There is huge number of fans in the world who are blogging about it and this topic has made its considerable importance in social media as well. If you search online, you can easily find many blogs publishing articles describing current situation of FIFA World Cup at a nice pace and getting immense traffic. People are participating a lot in interaction by commenting on what’s going on in the World Cup.

In the series of giving freebies about FIFA World Cup, many website developers have developed free Soccer WordPress themes designed especially for bloggers blogging about FIFA World Cup 2010. Please find a list of top 10 Free Soccer WordPress Themes for FIFA World Cup Lovers below:

1. Football Theme

Football Theme


2. Soccer Fun

Soccer Fun


3. Spakball The Football WordPress Theme

Spakball the Football WordPress Theme


4. FIFA 2010 WordPress Theme

FIFA 2010 WordPress Theme


5. Soccer Mag

Soccer Mag


6. Soccer Club

Soccer Club


7. FIFA WorldCup Free WordPress Theme

FIFA Worldcup


8. Football Fever

Football Fever


9. Football News

Football News Theme


10. Football WordPress Theme

Soccer WordPress Theme



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I was desperately searching for a theme for FIFA, here you listed a bunch. I appreciate that.

Loved your site, Keep updating like this. Appreciate it!

Nice theme. I like the ‘soccer fun’ theme very much. It looks simple and best. I downloaded it and installing it in my website. You can check how it looks live in my website if you wish.

Thanks for the wonderful theme.

Hey Velayudham, It’s looking nice! Waiting for content on your site.


Great blog! I really like “soccer mag” and “football team” they look great and has great players of the world cup in it. The world cup is a tremendous event with tons of fun and now can enjoy these word press themes. :)

wooowww, i do like those templates… great!!

i love football… those are really great templates. do you have a template about lionel messi btw?

Here is another collection of 20 Free Football WordCup Themes For WordPress

Hey Nabeel,

Thanks for sharing.. Have a good one :)

I love these themes too and book all, thanks.

Thanks for your share, I will choose one

Soccer Mag is a good one

thanks………i was searching them from a long time

this is a really good list you have compiled. people should bookmark this stuff to see it again. how much time did it take to make this list???

i found your site through search engine.i like your web, page content and very attractive theme.really i like it.


thanks alot, i’ll choose one

Good evening

Awesome post, just want to say thanks for the share

thanks It beuty theme

Hi…. Good your theme i like every theme haaaaaaaa. Thank so much guy

Thanks for sharing, I like the Football News, GREAT theme

I was very pleased to visit your site; I was definitely a wonderful site. The post was worth reading. I enjoyed each bit of your post. Thanks for such excellent post.

Will be using this for my soccer website :)

Your themes are really nice ! Thanks for sharing :-) !!!!

i love messi

Soccer mag is a very perfect theme for my needs, i love to use it on my soccerwatching.com its really nice.

Beautiful themes, thank you for sharing. You might also like this free WP theme: http://www.creattor.com/wordpress-themes/football-news-2126

Thank u very much was searching for this ! :)

You welcome Sathesh. I would really appreciate your comments with new Soccer themes coming up.

I like the first one, its very professional.

wow awesome themes..i like all these..really great.thx a lot

all themes are great. I will try some themes today on my wordpress site.

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