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Top 10 Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

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Search engine optimization is a process to improvise traffic on a website. It includes different kinds of search like image search, local search and video search etc. I have seen many organizations hiring SEO companies which pay huge money and don’t get any results. My question was, is it so difficult? I have researched a lot on this and concluded it is just a matter of being aware with a bit of research about your conceptual functionality.

I am going to list top 10 search engine optimization techniquesthat are so easy to implement and give superior results by making your website ready for global market.

1.Keyword Research:This is very important section of your SEO crusade. You may have nicely designed website with powerful programming however it costs nothing without getting any visibility in search engines. Keyword research can guide you about search phrases and terms, people use to find products / services to drive traffic to your competitor’s websites. We have a lot of keyword research tools available over the web. Please find some free keyword research tools listed below:

2. Title Tag Optimization:Search engines gives great weight-age to title tags in a website. Title of a page should ideally be SEO optimized with a small number of keywords. Try to put keywords that describe your product / services optimally in title of a page to get good results.

3. Meta Tags Optimization:These tags basically provide structured metadata of a website to search engines. Meta tag content actually known as a weapon for top search engine positions however this is not as easy as it looks like. A lot of research is required to add content, keywords and description in Meta tags. These tags are placed in the head section of a web-page.

4. Content Optimization:There is no surprise, that content formatting and presentation for the content are the main part of the SEO process. Implementation of Headings & Bold tags to content actually work calmly in this process. I personally recommend adding at least 5% to 10% keywords in the content to make it better.

5. Hyperlink Optimization:Search engines also look for keywords, linking to page that have closely related content. So we should try to include most important keywords within the hyperlink itself. Make sure that hyperlinks we use should encourage further surfing to your users for better results.

6. Image Optimization:Image optimization for search engines can drive many visitors who search for images over the web. We can make images search engine friendly by taking care of few steps like: adding keywords in alt tags, enabling image search option at Google web master tools etc.

7. Search Engine Friendly URLs:Well this relates to the technical part of a web site in which web developer can play with the code to make URLs Search engine friendly. Complex URLs are often dubbed dirty URLs because they tend to be littered with punctuation and identifiers that are at best irrelevant to the search engines.

8. XML Sitemap Creation, Submission & Authentication on Google, Yahoo & MSN:This is an important process in which we inform search engines by submitting sitemap and make their work easy, to crawl our website URLs better. After submitting a sitemap, search engines bots get a quick access to the web pages in which they can navigate and collect information easily. Some of free sitemap creation tools are:

9. Robots.txt Optimization:This is one of the most fundamental steps while optimizing a website. By using the robots.txt file you can tell the search engines what directories and files they should include in their search results, and what directories and files to avoid. There are many tools available to write this file over the web, some of them are listed below:

10. Social Media Optimization:Social media Optimization is considered as the part of SEO these days. It actually focuses on driving traffic from sources other than search engines. There are many social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Digg, Stumbleupon etc. in which we can submit our web pages and gets a lot of unique visitors. This also includes participation in discussion groups, commenting on other websites, blogging and posting status updates on social networking websites etc.

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Hi! I am a freelance web designer / developer based in Chandigarh (The City beautiful) India. I am passionate about playing Guitar and exploring new things over the web. Please feel free to contact me & say Hello. We can be good friends :)

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Nice information, I really appreciate the way you presented.Thanks for sharing..

Damn such a useful tips … I think It will definitely smooth the ranking of my web. Once again thanks dear..! Anxiously waiting to see more tips from your side…

Thanks guys! Your feedback encourages me to research more and more to share best practices.

Rohit this is nice post, once you start SEO it takes you everywhere which is never ending job. Yesterday started optimization for one of my blog and it took 4 hours but still not finished. I will follow your points tonight , Lets see the results.
Thanks for nice share

It has been really helpful… lot of interesting hints… and real accurate analysis, hope to read more soon.

Thanks for your appreciation!

You have a nice site Rohit. Can you guide me about how we can provide online coaching through our website?

Hardeep Anant

Thanks Hardeep, I am pleased you like it.
We can have a custom login script in your website and give video lessons with paid subscription.

hello sir
its my pleasure to read about SEO and i m getting knowledge from this site .
thanks and regards….
have nice day.

This one is your best post.

Already done some tricks of your website. Thank you very much.
But I’m still searching for some tips to get a higher google rank.

Hi..Thanks for sharing your ideas to us…You give me more ideas about SEO, it helps a lot for sure….

Thanks I’ll remember those and will try to use them :D

Hi Rohit .. might be worth adding linking to your list – inbound linking has a huge difference on ranking potential. This would complement the on-page optimisation you focus on in your post.

Thanks for sharing such great post, will come back soon to see more!

a big thank you.. its really good

Sometimes when I am using my laptop to browse the web about SEO it feels like everyone is saying the same thing. I wonder how hard it would be to repair a badly broken site and get its rankings back up to the top.

I completely agree with you that recommendations are almost same however the thing that matters is how you do it :)

Excellent tips; in fact, it’s a good comprehensive checklist I can use. I was glad to see you recommend using optimized metatags–I had read others who thought they were obsolete, but now I know better.

Great SEO resource, bookmarked and tweeted @JasonDavisFL

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