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15 best resources for free artistic website background textures

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Web designing has come to the point where designing skills of a designer matters a lot in terms of styling and element placement. If we compare websites built 10 years ago with today’s trend, we will find shocking differences. Background of a website is one of the major elements in today’s designing trend. Web developers should know slicing and image optimization techniques to use classy backgrounds in websites. Even CSS techniques can do a lot with backgrounds in the websites. Creative artists can make artistic ones by conspire different backgrounds that can define the look of a website.

There are many resources over the web that can help us in choosing the background of our websites; I am going to list best out of these.

Colour Lovers

A creative community website where users can create and share colors, palettes and patterns.

Spiral Graphics

A source to download ultimate 3D background textures created with Genetica (An animation editor for professional 3D artists)

Repeat XY

A source where we can create, search and edit tile able website background images.

Stripe Generator

This is my favorite tool to create striped backgrounds for websites. It’s very effective and easy to use.

Stripe Mania

This is another tool to create striped backgrounds however the difference is we can put some gradient in stripes with this tool.

Tartan Maker

This is an effective tool to create tartan backgrounds with different colors. Designer’s creativity can do a lot with this wonderful tool to create them.

CG Textures

A website that contains ready to use 3D textures where users can browse all the textures through categories.

Background Labs

This website provides a wide variety of seamless backgrounds, patterns, textures and graphics for use in customizing our Myspace pages, twitter, blogs, and websites.

Texture King

In this website we will find a growing repository of high quality texture photos that are free for personal and professional use.

Grunge Textures

As its name speaks, this website provides quality grunge background textures that can be used for digital artwork, 3D rendering, web design and print projects.

Texture Vault

This website provides royalty free/paid high resolution textures for digital artists and designers.

Texture Lovers

The purpose of this website is to archive beautifully designed textures from the web to use them personally or commercially and giving credit to texture designers. This website is very helpful in limiting your search for right texture.

GR Sites

We can find thousands of tile able textures on this website that can be browsed by different colors and categories. We can also make our custom text, pattern, gradient and procedural backgrounds with the help of certain tools.

Texture Forrest

This is a library in which textures and pictures are categorized in different folders.  This website is very easy to browse and explore!

Lost and Taken

This website is all about glorious and wonderful textures. This is operated by a professional photographer. In this website’s blog, we can find very artistic free background textures. I personally browse this website very often.

If you think of any other resource for creating website backgrounds, please don’t forget to list it in your valuable comments. I am sure it will help the designer’s community.


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Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

You’ve done it once again. Superb article!

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

like this stuff for background web design…

All sorts of handy stuff here. Thanks.

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it :)

THanks for this. I am really interested in colorful and fancy backgrounds.

I offer premium Fine Art Textures, but also have Free textures and brushes for newsletter subscribers.

Good sites.
Check also
for some good free textures and backgrounds.

A new texture community website here !
Download free high resolution photographic textures for personal or commercial projects. Royalty free.
Contribute with your own textures, gain downloads, exchange and make the content grow !

Give it a try ! :)

Hi Marco & John,

Thanks for increasing the list. I appreciate that.


You can also find free seamless textures at http://tiled-bg.blogspot.com.

Yes, Thanks V Hartikainen. I appreciate a new addition in the list..

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