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20 beautiful websites designed using HTML 5 / CSS3 | 2012

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HTML5 has setup al-together new standards over the web. HTML5 has started ruling over HTML4 that has ruled the web for decades earlier. We all are interested in getting our websites designed using HTML5 and CSS3 now a days.

I would say it has made designers / developers life easy. A lot of things that were done with the help of Flash, jQuery or even hard-core designing are done with HTML5 / CSS3 quite easily.

Responsive designs have come up in picture with HTML5 / CSS3 with Media Queries. It facilitates us with the code that is efficient in handling a website in smartphones, tablets, netbooks, different desktop browsers and operating systems.

I personally like HTML5 / CSS3 websites a lot so I thought of listing top 20 websites designed using HTML5 / CSS3 for an inspiration. Here we go:

1. Lost Worlds Fairs

2. Design made in Germany

3. Teixido

4. Ribot

5. Deren

6. The Expressive Web

7. Ben the bodyguard

8. Seamco

9. HTC

10. Energy Cell

11. 360langstrasse

12. Adventure World

13. Space.Angry Birds

14. Black 5

15. Cheese Please Game

16. Raffael Stueken

17. Inze

18. Nike

19. Rally Interactive

20. Slavery Footprint

Please let me know if you have any other HTML5 / CSS3 website that looks outstanding. I would love to list it in this post :)


Hi! I am a freelance web designer / developer based in Chandigarh (The City beautiful) India. I am passionate about playing Guitar and exploring new things over the web. Please feel free to contact me & say Hello. We can be good friends :)

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Hello, this is a great list of websites! I was just looking at Slavery Footprint the other day and thought it was great.

I am a new student in web design and have now just got some inspiration from your list. Thank you!

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